“The Last Supper” is a site-specific performance by Odiseo for Gucci Garden in Florence.

A contemporary Judas is begging for Forgiveness, explaining the reasons of her actions and claiming back her betrayal as the ultimate act of Love for Jesus. In a surreal and abstract last supper, Jesus is alone at the table, her eyes are absent, her mind empty, her body is floating along the far memories of the last moments before the kiss of Judas, which will finally end up her Silence. Love is the purpose of all things.

Judas is Giulia Perelli
Jesus is Susanna Hiheme

Directed by Vincenzo Angileri
Art Direction by Emmy Koski
Original script by Leticia Sala
Filmed and Edited by Furio Ganz
Produced by Archivio Personale e Cristiano Brizzi
Stylist Veronica Panati
Make Up Marilú Sassi
Curated by Saul Marcadent and Maria Luisa Frisa for Publishing Traffic
Thanks to Folch Studio, Gucci, IUAV Venezia and everyone involved.


The Last Supper, Odiseo x Gucci